Climate philanthropy workshops

The Arab Foundations Forum has partnered with Impatience Earth to offer a series of informative workshops ahead of the UAE hosting COP28

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What role can philanthropy play in assisting vulnerable communities in facing and adapting to climate change? Climate change is already hitting the Arab region hard with temperatures rising twice as fast as the global average, posing a major threat to more that 400 million people.

The Arab Foundations Forum, a nonprofit membership network of donors, funders, and entities operating in the Arab region, has partnered with Impatience Earth, a consultancy offering pro-bono advice to individuals, trusts, foundations, and corporations looking to make donations to the climate-related causes, to offer a series of free workshops.

The sessions, led by environmental experts and advocates, will focus on key climate-related issues linked to specific impacts of climate change on the Arab region, including just transition, activism, policy frameworks, and climate security, among others. 

The aim is to equip those working in the philanthropy space with the tools to integrate climate philanthropy into their organisation's policies and activities. 

Each workshop will begin with a facilitated discussion before opening up into a Q&A session, allowing participants to learn more from the speakers and each other.

Session one:  How climate change is affecting the Arab region

Thursday, November 2, 2023

This will cover: a just transition in the Middle East and what that looks like; the power and importance of policy and frameworks; and the impacts of climate on security within the region.

More information and how to register here.

Session two: Climate and food systems: the challenges and solutions

Thursday, November 9, 2023

This will cover: the impacts of the climate crisis on food security and hunger; opportunities to drive systemic change; and links to biodiversity protection.

More information and how to register here.

Session three: Climate and young people: the challenges and solutions

Tuesday, November 14, 2023

This session will cover: the power of incorporating youth voices in climate discussions; opportunities and gaps for youth-led climate action; and the power of activism in driving change 

More information and how to register here.