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➀ Deepen your knowledge

Explore a wealth of curated thematic resources including how-to guides and in-depth case studies, providing practical tips, actionable insights, and downloadable checklists to help you navigate the funding landscape.

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➁ Learn from leaders

Sharpen your expertise in strategic philanthropy and explore new thinking around effective giving by exploring first-hand learnings, advice, and best practices from leading philanthropists, experts, and thought leaders.

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➂ Track giving trends

The Circle Index is our unique searchable database of regional philanthropists and foundations, along with the nonprofits and social enterprises they fund. Learn who is funding what, where, and how across the Middle East and beyond.

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➃ Connect and convene

Join a vibrant community to connect, learn, and explore synergies for collaboration. Our expert workshops, informative webinars, and exclusive in-person networking events are a space for regional funders and philanthropy professionals to share ideas, access fresh skills, and find new pathways to action.

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➄ Amplify your impact

Be inspired by leading philanthropy peers, discover new ideas, and consider innovative approaches in order to broaden the impact and strengthen the effectiveness of your giving journey.