Goumbook is a social enterprise promoting sustainability and green practices in the UAE and the wider Gulf region. It runs awareness-raising campaigns and projects such as tree planting, plastic reduction and waste collection. Initiatives also cover areas like climate action, education, and responsible consumption. Aditionally, they offer businesses support services related to climate action such as reforestation and carbon offsetting. Goumbook also provides opportunities for corporate and youth engagement in eco-friendly activities, with the aim of building a global community dedicated to sustainability by bringing together experts, organisations, businesses, and consumers.

  • Organisation type Social enterprise
  • Year founded 2009
  • Headquartered Dubai
  • Registration United Arab Emirates
  • Website https://goumbook.com

Related sustainable development goals

  • Sustainable Cities and Communities
  • Responsible Consumption and Production
  • Climate Action
  • Life Below Water
  • Life on Land
  • Partnerships for the Goals

Focus areas

Focus sectors

  • Agriculture
    • Sustainable fishing
    • Food security
    • Farming
  • Environment
    • Natural resources
    • Air quality
    • Water resources
    • Climate change
    • Recycling
    • Biodiversity
    • Land resources

Focus populations

  • Academics
    • Researchers
  • Adolescents
  • Students

Focus geographies

  • Middle East
    • United Arab Emirates


  • Advisory
    Through its tailored advisory and consultancy services, Goumbook helps companies align with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by providing a comprehensive approach called the "3As" approach: raising awareness, taking action, and offering advisory services. They assist companies in adopting and integrating the SDGs into their operations and objectives, enabling them to benefit from these sustainable practices. They help companies with needs assessment, evaluating current setups, and developing action plans aimed at achieving purpose, solutions, and profit in alignment with the SDGs.
  • Awareness and Employee Engagment
    Goumbook offer tailored sustainability and CSR strategies to the specific needs of companies, organisations, and schools. These personalised activities include: environmental and social awareness talks; team-building activities; and in-house training. Topics covered range from the circular economy and water scarcity, to waste management, and plastic reduction, as well as broader issues such as the Sustainable Development Goals, climate change, and corporate ESG. Goumbook helps organisations raise awareness, engage employees, and build skills in environmental, organisational, and social sustainability, ensuring they stay informed in this dynamic field. They also arrange activities such as tree planting, beach clean-ups, climate change workshops, and more.
  • Campaigns and Initiatives
    Goumbook is actively engaged in initiating and developing campaigns in the UAE aimed at raising awareness and supporting sustainability efforts. Their initiatives, include the Give a Ghaf Tree Planting Program, Drop It Rethink Plastic, and Save The Butts. The idea is to raise public awareness to inspire action and mobilise local resources. Goumbook collaborates with organisations and companies, offering tailored campaigns to help them achieve their sustainability goals and maximise their impact in this field.
  • COP28 Climate Action
    Goumbook plays an active role in the climate action space by organising "Climate Fresk Workshops" for companies and individuals. These events aim to raise awareness and provide a platform for discussions about climate change, helping participants understand its complexities and encouraging them to take action.
  • Regenerative Agriculture
    Goumbook's Regenerative Agriculture venture programme focuses on empowering and educating researchers and students who are working on critical agricultural challenges in the MENAT region. These challenges encompass issues like hunger and nutrition, climate change adaptation and mitigation, carbon sequestration, soil health, salinity, water scarcity, desertification, biodiversity loss, and food security. The programme emphasizes the need for agricultural practices to deliver positive economic, environmental, and social impacts for both farmers and local communities to ensure long-term sustainability. Participants in this programme gain access to a transformative journey that equips them to promote sustainable change within the agricultural industry.
  • Youth Action
    Goumbook actively engages with the younger generation through its Youth Action initiatives. These efforts aim to educate and empower young individuals to become environmentally conscious and inspire sustainable practices in their schools and communities. Goumbook integrates youth volunteering programmes into its various initiatives, providing knowledge and tools for environmental awareness, social responsibility, sustainability, and climate action. They organise activities such as tree planting and awareness sessions in schools to promote these concepts in an engaging way.


Funding model

  • Programme related investment


Key staff

  • founder and chief impact leader, Tatiana Antonelli Abella