Embrace is a non-profit, non-governmental, social entrepreneurial organisation dedicated to mental health. It first launched in 2013 as an affiliation with the Department of Psychiatry at the American University of Beirut Medical Center but in later became an independent NGO. Embrace seeks to better inform the community about mental illness, break the stigma, provide support to those affected, and help foster a resilient and emotionally healthy community which cares for the mental wellbeing of its young and old.

Related sustainable development goals

  • Good Health and Well-Being

Focus areas

Focus sectors

  • Health
    • Mental health care
      • Community mental health care
      • Mental health counseling

Focus geographies

  • Middle East
    • Lebanon


  • Awareness & Outreach
    The Awareness & Outreach Department at Embrace offers numerous mental health awareness sessions targeting a wide and diverse audience across different areas in Lebanon. The content is designed to inform children, adolescents and adults about mental well-being while also breaking down misconceptions around mental health. These free awareness and behavioral interventions are offered to schools, universities, municipalities, marginalized communities, youth groups and student led initiatives across Lebanon.
  • Embrace Mental Health Center (EMHC)
    EMHC provides direct, affordable, and quality mental health care to persons experiencing a mental illness in Lebanon using a person-centered, community-based, and multidisciplinary model.
  • Lifeline
    A national hotline offering: immediate emotional support and psychological crisis intervention; assessment of suicide risk and de-escalation of suicidal crises; orientation to community-based resources close to where the caller lives.
  • Mental health in the workplace
    This initiative aims to create a work environment that focuses on: the employee value proposition; the employer competitive advantage; the overall organisational progress, performance and work culture.
  • One for One: Online Clinic
    Through this initiative, Lebanese individuals abroad can receive high-standard EN/AR therapy through Embrace’s team of licensed psychologists and psychiatrists. 80% of the session fees will be donated to Embrace’s Mental Health Center to provide beneficiaries living in Lebanon with free mental health services.
  • Research hub and CEDARS
    Embrace's research hub and CEDARS (Capturing and Expanding Data Analytics and Research on Suicide) aims to push out research and insight on mental health needs in Lebanon and to advocate for evidence-based policies that will improve the lives of person with mental illness in Lebanon.


Funding model

  • Foundation-administered programme awards
  • Pro bono services
    • Pro bono medical services

Primary funders

  • Adyan
  • Agence Franchise due Developpment
  • Fondation de France
  • Forum ZFD
  • Government of Canada
  • Government of Germany
  • Impact Lebanon
  • Orient Helfer
  • World Health Organisation


Key staff

  • Dr Pia Zeinoun, Vice president
  • Mia Atwi, Co-founder and president

Board members

  • Bushra Salha, Bushra Salha
  • Danny Baz, Danny Baz
  • Dina Zameli, Dina Zameli
  • George Karam, George Karam
  • Pierre Issa, Pierre Issa
  • Wafa Saab, Wafa Saab