Ruwwad Al-Tanmeya

A nonprofit community development organisation working to help underprivileged communities in the Middle East, including Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, and Palestine. Ruwwad was set up by Fadi Ghandour, a prominent Arab businessman and founder of delivery company Aramex, and runs programmes across education, child development, and youth and community engagement.

Related sustainable development goals

  • Good Health and Well-Being
  • Quality Education
  • Decent Work and Economic Growth
  • Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
  • Reduced Inequalities


84,600 hours of community service per year

8,900+ children benefit from Ruwwad's programmes annually

473 scholars supported annually in return for 4 hours per week of community service

2,550 youth received scholarships since 2005

450+ women benefit yearly from literacy and income-generating projects

Focus areas

Focus sectors

  • Arts
    • Cultural awareness
    • Humanities
      • Literature and writing
  • Development
    • Economic development
      • Community improvement
      • Business and industry
        • Social enterprise
        • Entrepreneurship
    • Sustainable development
    • Financial services
      • Development finance
        • Community development finance
  • Education
    • Early childhood education
    • Vocational education
    • Elementary and secondary education
      • Child educational development
    • Education services
      • Reading promotion
  • Humanitarian
    • Youth development
      • Youth services
      • Youth mentoring
    • Emergency relief
    • Special population support
  • Legal and courts
    • Legal services
  • Philanthropy
    • Venture philanthropy
    • Voluntarism
  • Public affairs
    • Leadership development
    • Public policy

Focus populations

  • Low-income people
  • Refugees and displaced people
  • Working poor

Focus geographies

  • Middle East
    • Lebanon
    • Palestine
    • Jordan
  • North Africa
    • Egypt


  • Al Ghad Newspaper
  • Aramex
  • Bidaya Media
  • Cairo Amman Bank
  • Roya TV


  • Child development

    This programme is made up of three components: inquiry-based learning, parental and community support, and school outreach activities. This is done through engaging with community staff and volunteers to integrate activities such as reading, parenting education, arts, sports, and summer and winter clubs for children.

  • Community campaigns

    This programme helps organise community campaigns and events that raise awareness about important issues affecting the communities supported by Ruwwad.  

  • Community support programme

    Using a participatory and collaborative approach to improve access to essential services and increase the community's awareness of their rights, this programme consists of three components: partnerships and services (including support for youth disabilities, a help desk, and legal aid centre), adolescents support groups (including engagement through creative arts and sports), and a women advancement programme (education and awareness, and income-generation training). 

  • Youth organising

    This programme is made up of two components: Mousab Khorma Youth Education & Empowerment Scholarship Fund and the Business Enrichment Programme. Through these initiatives, Ruwwad aims to provide youth with the resources and skills to access opportunities for their future education and success.


Funding model

  • Impact investing
  • Pro bono services
  • Programme related investment
  • Volunteering

Primary funders

  • Aramex
  • Cairo Amman Bank
  • Michel Helou
  • Philippe Helou family
  • Raghida Ghandour Rahim
  • Ramzi Youssef Assaf Charitable Organization
  • Sami Khoury
  • Sumaya Assaf

Funding source

  • Corporate
  • Fundraising
  • Private


Key staff

  • Samar Dudin, regional director, Jordan
  • Omar Nimri, regional communications officer
  • Khaled Al Ryahi, regional financial manager
  • Amal Ghandour, regional advisor on communication and strategy

Board members

  • Fadi Ghandour, founder and chair
  • Khaled Al Masri
  • Hala Fadel
  • Asmahan Zein
  • Ghassan Bostami
  • Samer Gharaybeh
  • Sami Khoury
  • Nora Jundi
  • Raji Hattar
  • Rawan Rahim
  • Amal Ghandour

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